ben 10 action figures


XLR8 is a Kineceleran alien from the planet Kinet. He is, by far, the fastest of the Ben 10 alien figures. XLR8 looks similar to a velociraptor dinosaur but with blue skin, a large tail and pointed ears. He also has wheels for feet, which allow him to travel at incredible speeds.

XLR8 can reach speeds of over 500mph in an instant. This increadable speed allows him to do many things. He can climb walls with ease and can even create tornadoes by quickly running in circles. He also has a very fast attack and can land many blows in quick succession. He has sharp claws that can cut through many different objects.

The main weakness of XLR8 is that he does not possess much strength and cannot take much damage. However, his increadable speed makes up for this and he can easily dodge or evade attacks instead of withstanding them.