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Wildmutt is a member of the dog-like vulpimancer race and is one of the original omnitrix aliens from Ben 10. Although wildmutt closely resembles a dog, his appearance is more like a combination of a gorilla and a lion. He aso has many cat-like characteristics including a cat's tail and striped body.

Wildmutt's strength comes from his powerful limbs, which allow him to jump great heights and climb objects with ease. Wildmutt has no eyes but his other senses are heightened to compensate. His excellent sense of smell gives him an ability similar to radar, which more than makes up for his lack of sight.

Wildmutt has spikes on his back, which he can fire at ememies. These make a great weapon and are similar to the attacks of diamondhead. Because wildmutt relies on his sense of smell to detect his surroundings, he is easily defeated if his nostrils or gills are clogged.