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Kevin 11

Kevin 11, also known as Keven Levin, is a powerful mutant with the ability to absorb energy from his surroundings and release it as an electrical charge. He often uses his energy buildup to overload machinery or even activate it. His electrical powers can also be channelled into an offensive energy blast to damage his enemies. Kevin 11 is one of the arch rivals of Ben 10. He is angry and anti-social, largely becuase he ran away from home at a young age and lives on the streets. Throughout the Ben 10 series, Kevin 11 develops a romantic relationship with Gwen Tennyson, much to the disappointment of Ben.

Ben 10 vs Kevin 11

Ben 10 and Kevin 11 start out as friends when Ben saves Kevin from a group of bullies. However, when Kevin plots to cause two trains to collide, thier friendship soon ends and they become enemies. Kevin Levin is one of the main villians in the second series, and there are several encounters between him and Ben. In the episode "grudge match", the two are forced to do battle in an arena. However in the battles of Ben 10 vs Kevin 11, neither of them are seen as more powerful as they have to work together to survive.