ben 10 action figures


Heatblast is one of the original ten omnitrix alien forms. He is a magma based alien from the planet pyros. Heatblast has control over fire and can absorb it or project it in hot streams to scold his enemies. One of his special abilities is to create flame tornadoes, which can be used to transport heatblast, effectively giving him the power of flight.

Heatblast can also fire intense busts of flames at the ground, which make him fly like a rocket. His control over fire is so great that he can shoot fireballs or create localised explosions.

Because heatblast is made of fire, he can be weakened or even killed by water. This is his only weakness but can be a big problem if there is a lot of water in his surroundings. Heatblast is always hot and cannot touch other people or objects without burning them. In the right environment, he is extremely powerful but he is also one of the least versatile ben 10 figures.