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Gwen Tennyson / Gwen 10

Gwen Tennyson (Gwen 10) is the sister of Ben 10 and arch rival of charmcaster. Ben and Gwen are the same age and even share the same birthday. Although they are very close, Gwen is often very insulting and sarcastic towards Ben. Gwen is very intellegent and is a fast learner when it comes to machines and other complicated devices. She has a laptop, which she uses to research aliens. She always uses the knowledge she gains to her advantage.

Charmcaster is the arch nemesis of Gwen 10. The are very similar in many ways - they are both intellegent girls with awesome skills in magic. In many ways, Charmcaster can be seen as an evil version of Gwen Tennyson.

Throughout the Ben 10 series, Gwen Tennyson develops a relationship with Kevin 11, one of Ben's greatest rivals. On more than one occasion, Gwen has used a luck charm to become a super hero known as "lucky girl". The charm gives her incredible luck, but often at a cost to Ben.