ben 10 action figures

Grey Matter

Grey Matter is a small grey skinned alien, that looks similar to a frog or toad. He is distinguished from the other omnitrix aliens in Ben 10, as he is physically weak and frail. However, Greymatter makes up for his lack of physical stature with an incredible intellect. As the most intellegent Ben 10 alien, Grey Matter is in a unique position to solve problems and get out of tricky situations when other alien forms would be useless.

Although he is less than six inches in height, his size is often an advantage. It means that he is able to navigate small spaces with ease and can evade capture. He is also a great climber, thanks to the suction cups on his hands and feet. Grey Matter can make useful tools and objects out of any spare parts he sees lying around. He is also a great problem solver. Dispite this, however, he is one of the least used of the original omnitrix alien forms in Ben 10.