ben 10 action figures


The Benwolf episode is in season three of Ben 10, when a myserious wolf figure appears during a trip to New Mexico. A friend of Max's tells everyone that is is an evil alien warewolf (known as Yenaldooshi). Ben transforms into Wildvide to fight the warewolf, but it scratches the omnitrix and transfers its DNA. Becuase of this, Ben slowly begins to transform into Benwolf.

The other Ben 10 Characters are tasked with killing the warewolf before Ben's transformation into Benwolf is complete. When Ben eventaully shifts back into human form, he fights the wolf once more; this time as Cannonbolt and traps it inside a volcano.

Because heatblast is made of fire, he can be weakened or even killed by water. This is his only weakness but can be a big problem if there is a lot of water in his surroundings. Heatblast is always hot and cannot touch other people or objects without burning them. In the right environment, he is extremely powerful but he is also one of the least versatile ben 10 figures.

Ben and the wolf (also known as a Loboan) encounter each other again later in the series and continue to do battle. In Ben 10: Protector of Earth, the Loboan also appears as Fangface and Fangface Howler.