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Ben 10000

Ben 10000 is the future version of Ben 10. With years more experience, he is extremely knowledgable and powerful. Throughout his battles, he has gained access to 10000 aliens.

In the Ben 10000 episide, future Gwen Tennyson brings Gwen into the future and Ben soon follows. Once there, he meets his future self - a powerful and famous super hero. Although Future Ben is a mighty warrior, he has become battle worn and has trouble relaxing.

The glimpse of the future is very enlightening. Many of the future versions of aliens are seen and there are some big differences. In the future Vilgax escapes the Null Void; Ben 10000 defeats Vilgax by freezing him inside a river; Dr. Animo was injured and only his head remains; The circus freaks are still around but are called the "neuvo circus freaks".