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Alien X

In Ben 10 Alien force, the omnitrix is reconfigured and Ben Tennyson gains access to ten new alien forms. Alien X is one of these aliens. The main pwer that Alien X has is the ability to warp reality. He also has three distinct personalities, although this often causes more problems than it solves, as they tend to argue amongst themselves a lot of the time. The three personalities that alein X possesses are:

  • Bellicus - The Voice of rage and agression.
  • Serina - The voice of compassion and Love
  • Ben - The voice of reason.

Before Alien X performs a task, he must have a majority vote of two out of three personalities. Becuase Serina and Bellicus are so different from each other, they rarely agree on anything, Because of this, Ben almost always has the deciding vote.