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Ben 10 Action Figures

Ben 10 Action figures provides information about all the characters of Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force. Click on the link for popular character profiles of Gwen Tennyson, Vilgax, Heatblast, BenWolf, BenMummy, Charmcaster, Waybig, Ben 10000 and others.

Ben 10 Omnitrix Aliens

The Omnitrix is a strange device that has an appearance like a wrist watch. When Ben Tennyson discovers this object, it attatches permananly to his arm, giving him the ability to transform into different alien life forms. Each alien form comes with a unique set of powers, which ben uses to help him fight crime. The original ten aliens from the series are:

  • Fourarms - One of the strongest and most often used aliens. Ten foot tall with armoured skin and four arms.
  • Ghostfreak - A one eyed ghost that has the powers of invisibility and levitation.
  • Heatblast - A tough alien with the power to control fire.
  • Diamond Head - A petrosapien (rock alien) that can fire crystal shards from his hands.
  • XLR8 - Using lightning speed, XLR8 can create tornadoes and can dodge attacks easily.
  • Wildmutt - An awesome climber who uses his enhanced sense of smell to detect his surroundings.
  • Stinkfly - A fast insect form that can create flammable or paralyzing liquids.
  • Ripjaws - An aquatic alien that can breath underwater and see in the dark depths of the ocean.
  • Upgrade - Using nanotechnology, upgrade can reshape his body at will and heal very quickly.
  • Grey Matter - At less than six inches tall, grey matter makes up for his size with genius intelligence.

Ben 10 Alien Force

The second series of Ben 10 is called Ben 10 Alien Force. At the beginning of this searies, the Omnitrix is recalibrated, giving Ben Tennyson control of ten new alien forms. More information about these forms can be found in the Alien Force section of this site.